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Service Times
Sunday School 10:00 AM
Sunday Morning Service 11:00 AM
Sunday Evening Service 6:00 PM
Wednesday Service 7:30 PM

Church Phone: 724-439-2519

One Evergreen Terrace
Uniontown, PA 15401

Pastor Dale Redick, Mimi, Niki, and JonathanNiki and Dan Bobek, Jonathan Redick, Pastor Dale Redick and Mimi

we invite you and your family

Pastor Dale Redick

Pastor's Pics

Dale Redick was born in Westland, Michigan on November 19, 1960. He grew up in a traditional Catholic home, attended mass regularly, and participated in church events. As a young boy, he often wondered how God could understand his heart through repeated, ritualistic prayers; he felt that something big was missing in his faith. On April 29, 1979, Pastor Redick trusted Christ to save him. At this time, he discovered what he was missing in his faith, and began to enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

He quickly developed a deep relationship with the Lord and wanted to learn more about Him. In 1982, he enrolled in Hyles–Anderson College; there he met his wife, Mimi. They were married on July 12, 1986. Dale graduated in 1988 with a degree in Pastoral Theology. That was a special year, as their daughter, Niki (Andrea Nicole), was born on October 21st.

In January of 1989, they went to Torch, Ohio, where he served as an assistant pastor for over two and a half years. It was here, on March 5, 1991, that their son, Dale Jonathan, was born.

Through a series of events, Pastor Redick felt that the Lord wanted him to start a church in Anderson, Indiana. In July of 1991, the Cornerstone Baptist Church was founded. The Redick family served the Lord here for eleven and a half years.

In 2001, the Lord began to deal with Pastor Redick's heart about serving Him elsewhere. In August of 2002, the Lord began to open the door for the Redick family to serve Him in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. In November of 2002, with an overwhelming ninety – six percent vote, Pastor Dale Redick was voted in as the pastor of the great Bible Baptist Church of Uniontown.

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Pastor Redick is an avid family man. The first two institutions in the Bible are the home and then the church; he is fervent about both of them. He enjoys serving the Lord with his family, but he also enjoys playing and working together. He and his wife, Mimi, work together as a team in many aspects of the ministry and family. Their children are now young adults.

These years have been filled with improvements to the facilities of the Bible Baptist Church and to the ministry operation. Because of growth the church has nealry paid off almost fifteen acres just four miles from our present location.

Pastor Redick feels that we not only have an obligation to our Lord, but to each other to do our best. We are living our lives for our Saviour, but also for each other. When the church, as a unit, achieves greater things than imagined, a bond is formed that will last forever. Pastor Redick is a man who knows about pressure and sacrifice. He lives his life passionately serving his Lord and the people of the Bible Baptist Church.