3rd Radio Broadcast

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"3rd Radio Broadcast" from Bible Baptist Church by Dale Redick. Released: 2015. Track 1 of 1. Genre: Religious.

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  1. I been listen to your messages on this website is really a blessing. I was raise in the Harbor of Light when Pastor Davis was the Pastor. I got saved in that church when I was 22, when Pastor Goodwin was there in Nov of 72. We moved too Monongahela PA in 1975 to send our kids to South Hills Christian school from Library Baptist.
    Library Baptist church change so much, and we would love too fine a church with the values of God. People that believe in visitation and the things that God tells us too do.
    We are 30 miles from Uniontown and would love to be part of your Congregation . Thank you for commitment Christ.

    1. Thank you for contacting us. Bible Baptist Church has a great history of preaching the truth of God’s word from Dr. Davis all the way to our current pastor, Pastor Redick. We would be honored for you to come and visit with us! We are always excited to meet new people who love the Lord!

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